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Owning chickens has fast become the new urban chic, with books being written and published frequently on all aspects of the phenomenon.  PG customer, HenschelHAUS Publishing has just published a memoir of Claudia Bruckert’s chicken clan, titled “A “Rooster’s Tale.”


The author tells her story through the eyes of a young rooster named Change, and follows the clan of chickens through a year of life including dust baths, brooding chicks, and awful territorial battles between families.  It’s a great insider view of everyday life, full of enchanting events and intriguing facts, and beautifully photographed by the author.

In this oversized coffee table book, Claudia answers the essential questions:  Do chickens talk? What does a rooster do all day? Would a mother hen attack a hawk? What happens within a family of chickens?

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There are charming illustrations and full bleed photographs in this hardcover book.  It’s a reading joy for children, adults, and everyone who takes animals seriously and a warmhearted inspiration for seasoned and aspiring chicken farmers.

HenschelHAUS is an independent and traditional publishing house that works closely with authors to produce timely, high-quality paperback, hardcovers, e-books and audiobooks.  Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, HenschelHAUS is under the leadership of president and book maven Kira Henschel.  Along with her team of experts, she has midwifed over 120 books from idea to finished book.  You can read more A Rooster’s Tale here, and visit the HenschelHAUS website as well.

Sometimes it’s impossible not to read a page or two of book files when they are sent to us for printing at Publishers’ Graphics.  (It’s my job, right?)  But in the case of Jason Kotecki’s book, Escape Adulthood, I read pretty much the whole book, and laughed through a good portion of it.

Jason and Kim Kotecki launched a business that’s now comprised of books, gifts and t-shirts, a cartoon strip series, artwork, and more recently speaking engagements. We thought Jason’s funny story about creating a business and becoming a published author would be inspirational to other writers… and so we’re sharing it here:

Jason Kotecki’s first book helped launch a business

It all started out as a way to win over a girl.

I met Kim a long time ago in what seems like a galaxy far, far away. We were part of a group of friends who decided to go Christmas caroling. She was there to sing; I was there to win over a girl. Except it wasn’t Kim. Even though the fluffy white snowflakes provided a very romantic backdrop, I never got the Hollywood movie ending I had hoped for with the girl I was chasing at the time. But Kim, in her red tights, reindeer boxer shorts, Santa hat, and combat boots certainly captured my attention and wouldn’t let go.

In high school I had used my artistic skills to try and win over many a female. I drew cartoons, cute teddy bears, and things like that. Early positive feedback always gave way to the line I wish upon no man: “You’re more like a brother to me.”


For some unknown reason, I tried again with Kim. We shared a very childlike spirit, and so, I used childhood photos to develop cartoon characters based on what we looked like as kids. The characters made their way to homemade (aka cheap) gifts, like greeting cards and calendars and wooden figurines. Amazingly, she seemed to like them, and never once gave me the line about me being like a brother. (I think I owe a lot to the fact that she only had sisters and didn’t actually know what having a brother was like.)

I always thought the characters would make great stars of a comic strip, and I spent a few years sketching ideas here and there. After using them as a big part of my proposal to Kim, I did develop a comic. Sort of a cross between Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes, it explored life through the eyes of children. I did a daily strip for over six years, posting it mostly online but also getting it in a couple dozen papers across the Midwest.

Interestingly, that led to opportunities to put on cartooning workshops in schools. Meanwhile, a friend urged me to write a book about my life philosophies that I often touched on in my comic strip. I’ve always thought that we have much to learn from children, and that they hold many solutions to the problems of stress and burnout that we adults often face, if only we’d stop in the middle of our busyness long enough to pay attention.

Escape Adulthood: 8 Secrets from Childhood for the Stressed-Out Grown-Up became my first book. And that opened up even more doors. The book became my best business card, and helped lead to speaking engagements across the country, which is the primary way we make a living now. Kim, who taught kindergarten for the first five years of our marriage, now works with me on our business. Our mission is to fight Adultitis, and help people use strategies from childhood to create lives with less stress and more fun. Several books have followed, and we’ve used Publishers’ Graphics to print that first one as well as our latest, called Just You Wait: Adventures in Fighting Adultitis as First Time Parents.  They provide the quality and price point that allows us to sell our books online and at our speaking arrangements for profits that people signed with traditional book publishers can only dream about.  It’s hard for me to believe that I am able to make a living doing what I love, in a way that combines my gifts of art, writing, and speaking.

Even harder to believe is the fact that it all started out as a way to win over a girl.

For more information about Kim and Jason, you can visit their website.

For more information about Publishers’ Graphics, please visit

Sarah King’s passion is stained glass. It’s a passion that has led her to undertake research on the history and evolution of art glass, so prevalent in the Oak Park, Illinois neighborhood where she and her husband reside and own a business.

And that’s how we found out about Sarah.   Sarah has printed two books with Publishers’ Graphics:   ART GLASS IN 1909 and more recently ART GLASS IN 1913.   Both are facsimiles of actual art glass catalogues published by the National Ornamental Glass Manufacturers Association.

Sarah King’s second book, ART GLASS IN 1913

The catalogs showcase collections of residential and ecclesiastical art glass designs popular in bungalows and middle-class homes built in the early 20th century.   With over 500 images in each catalog, it was important to Sarah to accurately represent the intricate patterns, colors, and details of the stained glass images.

Of Publishers’ Graphics, Sarah says:   “Everyone has been very impressed with the print quality, paper, and price of the books.  The printing depicts the graphic detail of the designs and the clear subtle colors of the antique prints without looking new or glossy. The cover paper with its matte lamination is especially suited to new books that need to look clean but old-fashioned.   Publisher’s Graphics offers all the convenience of short-run or “print-on-demand” publishing with all the quality any book lover would demand from a traditional publisher. “

Original art glass design in the book

Sarah is particularly intrigued with reflective gold glass because Chicago is the only city in the country to feature this gold mirrored glass in thousands of its residential glass windows.  The pure 24 karat gold material was used in the famous Frank Lloyd Wright houses and his Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

Sarah’s passion for Chicago’s stained glass and especially the double-sided gold mirrors in the historic Chicago bungalows has led her from restoring stained glass to selling mirroring supplies online through .  Her goal is to help homeowners and stained glass studios appreciate, preserve, and restore this uniquely Chicago art form.

For more information, please visit

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